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Uutisia 2016 / News 2016

Meille tulee pentuja! Lisätietoja Pentuja suunnitteilla -sivulta! We are going to have puppies! More info on Puppies planned page!


20. & 21.2.2016

Valmiera, Latvia
Irish Setter Entice Master Of Games junior EXC1 CQ jun-CC 3rd best male!
Dachshund Entice Mini Euphrosyne CC, BOB!!!
Panevezys, Lithuania
Örnbergets Tarantino jun-CC BOB BOG3!!

Valmiera, Latvia
Entice Master Of Games jun-CC and 3rd best male!!! Quite a boy, as he is just 9 months old!!!
Dachies didn't stay for the day 2 as they got what they needed on day 1.
Panevezys, Lithuania
Örnbergets Tarantino jun-CC -> LTJCH, best male, BOB, BOG2!!!
Entice Mini Della Balfour LT CC -> LT CH, best bitch, BOS!!!

We have 2 new Champions!
Örnbergets Tarantino LT JCH
Entice Mini Della Balfour LT CH


judge Mr. Sean Rose (Cataluna)

Entice Master Of Games Puppy 7-9 months 1HP 2nd best male puppy
Entice Kaptain Sparrow 3rd in intermediate class
Entice Karibbean Pirate 1st HP in intermediate class and 2nd best male!
Copper's The Magic Flute 4th in champion class
Entice Little Witch 2nd in junior class
Entice Krystal Icing 2nd in intermediate class
Vicary's Just For You 2nd in champion class

Kennel Entice 2nd (Kaptain Sparrow, Karibbean Pirate & Little Witch)
Copper's The Magic Flute 2nd in progeny class (Kaptain Sparros, Karibbean Pirate & Krystal Icing)
Braces: Ulla and Master Of Games & Copper's The Magic Flute, Tommi and Karibbean Pirate & Kaptain Sparrow, me with Vicary's Just For You & Entice Little Witch.

Huge congrats to Karibbean Pirates owners Taija & Tommi, super work again!

Entice Master Of Games, handled by Sirke Siiro, photo Taija Linna.

Entice Karibbean Pirate, handled by Tommi Rajamäki, photo Taija Linna.

Entice Kaptain Sparrow, photo Taija Linna.

Copper's The Magic Flute, handled by Ulla Teppola, photo Taija Linna.

Copper's The Magic Flute, handled by Ulla Teppola.

Entice Little Witch, photo Taija Linna.

Entice Krystal Icing, handled by Elina Sorrela, photo Taija Linna.

Vicary's Just For You, handled by Ulla Teppola, photo Taija Linna.


judge Ms. Reia Leikola-Walden

Puppy 7-9 months
Entice Master Of Games VG2
Intermediate 18-24 months
Entice Kaptain Sparrow EXC1 HP Best Male BOB & BIS2 intermediate!!!
Entice Karibbean Pirate EXC2 HP 2nd Best Male

Puppy 7-9 months
Entice Magnolia VG1
Junior 9-12 months
Entice Little Witch EXC1 HP 2nd Best Bitch
Intermediate bitches 18-24 months
Entice Krystal Icing VG1

Breeder's class (Little Witch, Karibbean Pirate & Kaptain Sparrow BOB & BIS3!!!

Thank you all, especially Aliisa Raski for handling Kaptain Sparrow!

Entice Master Of Games, 8,5 months. Handled by Sirke Siiro, photo Maarit Takala.

Entice Magnolia, 8,5 months. Handled by Sirke Siiro, photo Maarit Takala.

Entice Kaptain Sparrow, handled by Aliisa Raski.


TURKU INT. 16.1.
judge Ms. Maria Hutsteiner, Austria

Entice Karibbean Pirate intermediate EXC1 CQ 2nd best male with CC and res-CACIB!


KAJAANI INT., 9.-10.1.

dachshunds, judge Ms. Kristiina Ahlberg, FI
Entice Mini Euphrosyne intermediate EXC1 CQ 2nd Best Bitch with CC & res-CACIB

irish setters, judge Mrs. Marja Talvitie, FI
Entice Mesmerizer puppy 1st HP BOB-puppy
Entice Modesty Blaise puppy 1st 
Entice Icings N' Mysteries open VG3
Entice Just Glorious champion VG2



Results are published, and here are our main results:
#2 Young Setter: Entice Karibbean Pirate, owners Taija Linna & Tommi Rajamäki
#1 Agilitys Setter: Entice Hailstorm, owner Kaisa Urbanus
#1 Obedience Setter: Entice Hailstorm, owner Kaisa Urbanus

Huge congratulations!!!